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Our Services

We Fit You is a concept our team developed to provide fashion and entertainment services “tailored” to our clients.

Production Services

Reina Lam recording for SharpeHaus video
James DeAngelis and Nick Vaughn behind the camera

Production Crew

  • Director, DP, AD, Key Grip & Grips, Gaffer, AC, PA, Production Designer, Set Designer, Art Director
  • Post-Production: Editor, Colorist
James DeAngelis and Nick Vaughn behind the camera
Sharpe cover art of Jaila Simms

Fashion, Beauty, & Styling

  • Wardrobe Buyer & Stylist, HMUA
James DeAngelis behind camera on Sharpe set

Producer & Line Producer

  • Pre-production, production, and post-production planning and scheduling services
  • Fundraising, sponsorship, and investment pitching, and payroll services
  • Financial budget planning, periodic budget burndown reporting, and status provision to Executive Producers, Producers, Director and Crew
James DeAngelis behind camera on Sharpe set
SharpeHaus music video shoot

Legal Structuring

  • Executive Producer agreements for all cast members
  • Full creative control for cast members

Sensitivity Services

Review and consultation for treatments, bibles, scripts, unscripted scene descriptions

Daily on-set advisory counseling


Cancel culture is a real thing… Commentary from influencers, public figures on social media, and digital community leaders is a prevalent risk nowadays for any brand, business, or production.

SharpeHaus elevates marginalized communities (LGBTQ+, POC, and more) and understands sensitivity politics on a seasoned level.

The SharpeHaus team has 20+ years experience in strategizing positive publicity and developing a value-driven brands and projects to inspire the zeitgeist

Publicity Services

Having established our roots as a highly-publicized fashion design haus, we have developed meaningful relationships with top media and publications around the world.

Sharpe Press

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